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Full Version: New to the Hobby
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Hey Guys,

I've been wanting to get into this hobby for some time now and since a friend of mine gave me his 10 year old yokomo drift rc car I guess the ball is rolling.
I have no idea what was given to me but it was an RTR kit from atleast 10 years ago with a 180sx body (if that matters). I'd really like to know if any parts from other brands such as HPI are compatible with the Yokomo cars.

I'm very knowledgeable with cars given that I built my own 240sx for drifting. Basically what im saying with this is that you guys can talk VERY in depth with me and i would understand.

I've just registered with this forum so I will continue searching but there is a certainty that questions will come in the coming days.

Thanks !
Welcome to DM!

Any pics of your chassis?
Here are some pictures of the chassis. I found out that its the most basic chassis you can pretty much get but i feel its a great starter for me.
Please dont flame for having to clean it, i know it needs it :P
[Image: ?ui=2&ik=42c668dcba&view=fimg&th=14e767b...w1576-h655]
[Image: ?ui=2&ik=42c668dcba&view=fimg&th=14e767b...w1576-h655]
as for the cars perfromance it drives great!
mind you it does have its issues because the previous owner didnt take any care of it whatsoever.

I know i'll have to service the differentials, service the dampers (i hope its possible) and it has a cracked rear shock tower but i dont think the crack is effecting the car at all

any help and tips is always appreciated!
I can't see the pix but I'm willing to bet you have a DP. If thats the case well hot damn, the Japanese aftermarket deepthroats this chassis. It's shaft driven right?
Yeah i do believe that its a DP8 from me poking around the internet to find a chassis code for this thing
 LOL ! what do you mean by the japanese aftermarket deepthroats this chassis? I dont know if that's good or bad. And yes it is shaft driven.