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Full Version: Need help
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Hi im new to the drifting scene recently purchased a 2015 hsp flying fish r34 brushless drift rc and i want to upgrade parts on it but i dont know where to start so please help for example like what tyres to use and so on thanks
fisrt angle steering
second countersteer
3rd upgrade aluminum parts (arms, steering, )

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Could you show me parts for that
(07-06-2015, 08:33 PM)Skylinelover Wrote: [ -> ]Could you show me parts for that

Hi, the car should have come with a parts list and have an upgradable parts section on it. If you type in the part numbers into Google or on eBay etc... They should come up

Hope this is some help

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Do a broader search for HSP Flying Fish, Redcat Lightning, or Exceed Driftstar mods. They are all the same car. There isnt't alot of off the shelf direct bolt on stuff and most other stuff will have to be improvised.

-Being a shaftie, trying to CS your car will be a headache. Get it right and you'll be king of the universe. Get it wrong and you'll be eating differentials every other run.
-High angle steering is doable but you'll still have your work cut out for you.
-Installing a front one way will be similar to finding a CS mod. Good luck.

I hope I'm not sounding like a douche but honestly I think you'll be better off with a more popular chassis like a TT01/02, or D3. Those cars can be had for less than $100 new and it sounds like you already have the basic electronics.

Cars like your Flying Fish can teach you bad habits and because there isn't much you can really mod about the car, your drifting will be based around those bad habits. I'm not trying to sound like a snooty douche I'm just trying to help. Too often I find people that are getting into drifting end up buying something because of price, a body, or thats what their LHS pushed. I don't like it when I see someone save up and use their hard earned cash to buy a car that ends up not being what they thought. Then they quit the hobby.
Cheers for that man maybe you could point me in the right way like i said pretty new to it and dont know much about it
If you're completely new to it then eff it, give your flying fish a try. At the very least you can learn the all important throttle finger, tune suspension settings and try different tires. See if you like it then you'll know for sure if you really want a more hardcore type drifter. Do you have buddies you drift with?

I started off backwards. My first drifter was a Tamiya VDF that I immediately bumped up to 1.6 CS. I knew how to work on it, tune it, fix it but I sure as hell didn't know how to drive it. I learned my throttle finger on my 50/50 Tamiya Ta03.