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So I have a 10ft x 16ft piece of concrete. It's not super rough, but it is grippy, more grippy than smooth or polished concrete. I'm looking for an inexpensive way to smooth it out. Any recommendations? I've looked at using leveling cement, concrete paint, concrete restore, etc..

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Have you got any pictures of the plot, you could try epoxy paint
I have a picture of it but it's on my phone. I've thought about doing the epoxy paint also, I'm mainly concerned with the paint flaking off or peeling up.

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Had you thought about a roll of Linoleum? I'm thinking of getting some, and storing away when not in use
I've thought about stuff like that or indoor/outdoor carpet. Too much of a hassle to do by myself when I want to drift.

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I'm doing a concrete course, and I will be finishing it off with a leveler. And then coating it with a sealer. It will give it the shine and smoothness I'm looking for. Im still researching on what paint to use too as I want a black road but don't want it to chip either. A stain might be a better option.
A laquer clear coat might do well slick kind of auto levels is resistant to chipping and pretty cheap. Or an epoxy resin

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Find yourself a bag of thin set concrete. Usually comes in small bags for a couple of bucks. Your going to need a large bucket or plastic garbage can to mix in. Important to note put some water in first, you can always add more water. Your going to make a soup consistency. Start in the low spots and pour, it will self level and make a smooth surface.
You could look for self levelling concrete it's more expensive.
If you do need to level use something like a 2x4 and drag it as even as possible.
Good luck
If it's outside and exposed to sun DO NOT use epoxy coating, it will fade and yellow like crazy.
Although extremely tough and durable, it has very little UV resistance. It is possible to apply UV resistant clear over epoxy, but your just throwing more money down. I'd only go that route if you're dead set on a certain epoxy base.
You should look into PPG's Breakthrough line of paint. This stuff is VERY durable and sets up almost as hard as an epoxy, but has much better fade resistance. We use this stuff on our concrete floors at the shop and drive forklifts and push pallets 3,000 lb. across the floor with virtually no visible damage. It has a slight slip resistance to it so it's not super slick which would be good for drifting. You can get it tinted to virtually any color you want and can get it for around $30-$40 a gallon from a PPG paints store.