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Full Version: Newest nooblet on the block
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Greetings and salutations everyone

Hopefully this new adventure will turn out to be cool. So through this site and a couple others I'll be on my way to rc drifting. 

I will be starting with a used vaterra with corvette body. I know that this is not anywhere near a drift vehicle. But I am looking at the Sakura d4 for the counter steer option or skipping everything and go straight to rear wheel drive with the mst fxx-d. 

And I also noticed no one in my town does rc drift. So I have started to prep my backyard for drifting. 98% off the yard is concreted, I got 40 foot by 40 foot just for the track and more if needed.
Welcome, sounds like you have a nice sized plot to get started on.
The quicker you get to a countersteer or rwd the better, as that's when you'll start to pick up some skill.
You'll also find the d4 comes in rwd too.
Hey welcome, sounds like a good start.

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Good luck on your new adventure. I too am new to the drift scene after years of nitro truck bashing. So far I am loving the new challenge of drifting...

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