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Full Version: FD3S Rear lights HELP !
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I'am starting a realistic street spec fd3s body shell project, and I'am confused on how to make those realistic rear lights, I'am using a Tamiya body. I've seen people on the internet make the rear lights with stickers, no I don't want stickers because I will be using LED lights in them. please help !
I used the stickers and I will be using a light kit to do the lights, I just masked off the spots where I want the red and white lights to show through. O I got a FD35 body from Colt RC.
You need light buckets, yokomo and tamiya make them for that car.
Wrap up next also make a film which you stick behind the Lexan which is clear, and has the look of real lenses.
where can I get them from ? I really need them
Try eBay