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Full Version: September 2015 RC Drift Body of The Month Contest
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Congratulations Dcm81!! You have won this months BoTM!
Seeing as my newb attempt didn't stand a chance against melowilemelome's full custom GTR last month I'll give it a go now.
Sorry about 3 pics, but I wanted to show that I have the front grill attached by magnet so I can change all 3 options in the blink of an eye ;-) If it's too much, feel free to delete on shot from the front.

[Image: 8608C59D-FD51-4826-96C6-395F7B11F670_zpshhjqtkmt.jpg]
[Image: 28226BCB-6E0D-4080-89AA-AA9AF0AFACAF_zpskt9t4qjd.jpg]
[Image: 6E19F7E1-BD78-4FCF-97BF-32B722A9A98E_zpstiyrq1mo.jpg]
D-Like GT86 + DIY Body kits + DIY Roofcarrier

[Image: SAM_2938.JPG?type=w1]

[Image: SAM_2910.JPG?type=w1]

My Blog:


Modified Soarer light buckets
Carpet tape CF hood
Speedway Pal wing and mounts
Lathe turned exhaust tips
Custom splitter

[Image: IMG_1871_zps1ad2f86f.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1867_zps84e52870.jpg]
Hpi S15 Silvia 200mm
Hpi stage d body kit
overdose work emotion(xt7) front
mst rear
testors sublime green paint

   [Image: 12043181_1016180785101044_22819423705102...tvfio6.jpg]
[Image: 12036760_1016172785101844_72845332320824...yfzm7h.jpg]
My first ever attempt at my own body so won't be anywhere as detailed as others on here but when I took the overspray film off I fell in love with the look of this car all over again, with the z-tune being my favourite japanese car.
Wow, that is as cool as it is unexpected. Big thanks to those that voted!