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Full Version: What do you know about carpet?
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We are supposed to have a functioning drift track in the next 8 days, but we have no idea what carpet to use?  From what little I have found online I see people say Prima GT or Prima Duo.  However, I have yet to find anyone in the States that sells it.

Someone told me that polymat works well, and then someone else told me that polymat is a terrible choice.

I am looking for any guidance, as we are under the pump on getting this done.  If you can offer any guidance on carpet brands and retailers please post.  Hell I am so desperate that if you race at a carpet drift track and really like the service please post the name of the track, and I'll reach out to them.
I think it has to have no fire retardant in it, the friction of the tyres will react and make it tacky
Also should be low pile.

Take a look around other tracks and others styles of racing to get an idea of carpet.

Here in the UK, there are a few tracks that have adopted the same carpet as Mardavers use with positive results.

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Sorry I'm a little late to catch up on this thread.
The best bang for the buck is Polymat series 25. 
Polymat is the material used to cover speaker boxes. 
You can buy it from bargain shore for cheap. 
That's what all the track in FL uses. JDM speedway, Streetbreak, and Drift Lab.