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Full Version: New shoes and accessories
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Still not done.. but 90% complete... this is on my D3..

[Image: 44993_10151347469647220_729159826_n.jpg]
[Image: 66458_10151347469742220_652167145_n.jpg]
[Image: 154721_10151347470222220_447024499_n.jpg]
thanks man.. still not done.. i think i can lower the mounts more.. to get ehe hella flush look.. hehe
Wow, nice body you got there ;) Can you say what colors did you use for the body paint? I really like that pink. Omg
that cusco body looks amazing :)
nice love the colour too!
looks awesome in that color, also the perfect body to make use of the rear diffuser.
Dats Whats Up! Very Nice! Fellow D3 owner myself.
what flakes did u use?
very good jog
does everyone post from their phones with auto complete on lol
did you use lame flake?
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