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Full Version: Dib v.2 rwd tryout
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Straight out of the gate - well im all over cs and rwd lately..

I have tried taken out the driveshaft's and driving with the car with a MST LSD 1.0 gyro - seems alright.. It has what 45 degree angle so you gotta drive it carefully, to a certain point where you can "feel" and see it has acheived full lock and sorta hold it there with the throttle.

I've only been driving in my living room, only enough place to do some small 8 figures, seems fine with it - balanced like in cs.

Has anybody tried similiar, keeping it standard layout, i know people are trying with a rear motor setup but i think the front layout also is good as my TT02 FRD is that :)

Gimme some answers, it it crazy to begin with? :P
I am sad, we just lost our polished concrete track and now one of the mates has lost the key to our indoor gymnastic place where we drove on outrolled carpet track.. sad times..

I haven't been out drifting in over one week now.. so no new updates to the rwd DiB..
So i've tried to drift RWD with the Dib at our local tournament on painted polished concrete..

It didn't do the job well, firstly the most lack is lock, only had 45 from the box, but i haven't looked at my TT02 FRD in over 3 weeks due to work and other duties.

After the rwd was lost, i looked after my TT02, since i've been driving with my Yokomo in CS, i've lost the feel for driving RWD, i know right, how is that possible..

I feel like i dont get any feedback as the gyro of course is doing all the work, so idk, if i will focus on rwd before our cs comp is done.
Im also running a RWD DIB its difficult to tune and takes a lot of time to get it right but once set up is amazing, another guy at my track has a RWD DIB thats set up really nice and it feels so good
Can anyone point me in the direction on what to change or adjust on a DIB if I want to make a RWD version?

Trying to search for any RWD specific sources for the DIB. As I see it, motor in the back, steering swap to the front. possible Battery placement shift, gyro arm swap F to R... etc

(I am still very much a CS junky, but I recently picked up a YD4 to be my updated CS car, and with a DIB currently CS 2.0, I thought perhaps I would convert IT to RWD instead)

Are there any RWD specific forums more dedicated that DM? I see links for RWD society but it crashes or is down. Wondering what kind of changes are needed, parts to buy, if I need to change gearing or moving battery placement etc.

I'm new to all this RWD stuff, I'm still very much a CS fan (I think the use of a gyro is sorta cheating) but I guess that's progress. 5050 -> CS -> RWD

Thanks for the insight!

its going to take some tuning but if you stick with it and put in the work it will be tons of fun and a good learning experience, I should know because I did it. I would first look at getting more steering out of it, carb-d has some steering extensions that will make it super easy to get more steering out of it. when I first went RWD with my DIB I modified the chassis to hold the battery longitudinally like on a Yokomo DRB, I actually used a DRB battery holder