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Full Version: Best small scale drifters
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Im looking for a small scale, anything smaller the 1/10, to drift in a 1 car garage. Im open to M chassis conversions or rtr. Any input would be greatly appreciated

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The smallest I can think of is a Mini-z awd with drift tires. They are amazing, but they are 1/28th scale.

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I looked at mini z's shortly the biggest issue I see with them is the lack of customization and performance options

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Have you looked at the Gen 1-2 X-Mods? I still have my Gen 1 Skyline and there good for small spaces.
No i havent. I thought they were pretty much toy grade. Hows the parts support?

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There ok lots of upgrades and mods u can find online. There kinda the ones that got me into wanting to mod every RC I ever bought. You can check out the X-Mods website if its still up, the new ones suk bad they done even look like real cars or truck but the are bigger than the gen 1-2 so might be able to use model cars and truck body's for them not sure though haven't tried them yet.
That's an option too with these smaller scales you can pretty much be creative with some mods. It all depends on what you want. With mini-z's they have buttery smooth performance. Yes the bodies maybe non customizable but I've seen some crazy ways to modify them. You can always attach an xmod body I've done that before.

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For the price though I would go with the X-Mods. Just cause of the build-ability of them. [GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES] Hope I've helped.

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I'd like to see a build thread when you've decided on your small scale. Actually now that I think about it. I have a xmod gen 1 chassis I can sell. PM me if you're interested.

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I wouldn't mind getting a couple of small cars to keep for holidays etc