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Full Version: Tamiya Toyota Supra GT (rare)
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back in 2007 I had the chance to purchase several brand new Tamiya Toyota Supra GT bodies. They are all gone now but I found some pics of the one I painted and won a local body contest before selling it a few years after...

[Image: 02-akumu-supragt.jpg]
fitted a Yokomo Supra lightbuckets, needed some modding.
[Image: 03-akumu-supragt.jpg]
Intercooler was  a gift from master HGColors, a friend of his creates resin intercoolers for him. He gave me a couple which i still have to this day.
I did mod this to look right on the Supra.
[Image: 04-akumu-supragt.jpg]

wing is a 7 piece custom, except for the 3rd wing, so 6 piece custom. hehe

[Image: 01-akumu-supragt.jpg]

Thanks for viewing!
Looks good
Dude this looks aggressive. I like this.
thanks guys!
looks great! what i really want to know is where you got this body??!?!?!
(10-06-2015, 07:12 PM)driftmission Wrote: [ -> ]looks great! what i really want to know is where you got this body??!?!?!

According to info on the net, this body was released way back in 1995. it was originally packaged with the TA02W (wide)... Tamiya Castrol Toyota Toms Supra GT - #58170.

When i started RC drifting back in 2006 no one in The Philippine RC Drifter (our local club) gave any attention to this body, so i had the chance to purchase 3 of them from Lil's our local hobby shop. I have not seen one being sold in years.