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Full Version: Body lines on a black car?
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For my next project I'm planning to use a bunch of decals (either SHA_DO or FaceWorx) so the body shell will be black.
After a second of thought of course, I realised that I can't but black body lines on a black car. What do you guys do with black cars? Just leave it without?
Another thought is if it would work over a bunch of decals. I would have to put the lines on top of the decals and that might just look like crap. It'll be comparable to a Yokomo body with decals.
No opinions or experiences here?
Ive done a RX7 FD3S body flat black with no painted body lines, it turned out bad ass imo.
I say stick with black and no body lines should be fine
I leave it black then. It's not like I can't add the body lines later ;-)