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Full Version: Body Assembly Help
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I'm having some trouble with an RC body that I've recently purchased and I'm hoping someone here can help.

I have purchased this body


but I don't know how to put the parts together and the kit does not come with any instructions.

The kit contains:
front + back light moulds
side mirrors
3 other parts (I assume they are for the rear wing but i cant see how they go together)

additionally the kit also does not come with screws or any of means of attaching these items.

Has anyone built one of these before? is it just a poor quality kit?

If anyone could give me some insight on these issues it would be greatly appreciated.

they will probably need to be glued together. I used shoe goo with my pandora 370Z. the clear shoe goo would be your best bet?
yupp more then likely gotta glue or get some screws
I used hot glue for my light buckets.
i use hot glue for everything lol
haha it works wonders
dude if you get the super bond crap from walmart it wont come off!!! everytime i try i remove paint lol
Haha I've never used that stuff. I wouldn't want my paint to come off either though :(