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Full Version: Hi I'm new here
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I have been doing RC Drifting for a while now I thought I might as well join this Forum so Hello Everyone.
Bump is anyone going to say hi
Welcome to DM :)

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Welcome, where are you from? What car have you got?
Welcome to DM..

Lay it out on some pictures - got a link? - copy paste it between a pack of these: [img] *here* [/img] with each link :)
Welcome to drift mission! New here as well, good group.
My car is a Maverick Strada Dc Evo with hop ups.
[Image: 591ec79f8f5cfcb444faa8017b257aab.jpg][Image: 5672ecc92309514421d36cad4cc8332b.jpg][Image: 05bf0332dde522c518ec23586375ffdd.jpg][Image: d01f2b6b029b434563a2b0e56039ebcd.jpg][Image: 13f9576d5bf5e25dcbe387eaaa62fe1b.jpg][Image: 572862aa0581c0643a809ef3d66f6679.jpg][Image: 555ff19f837e4cdc6c8303aa3248d8a2.jpg][Image: 083cf593f3b3cecedd662856b19a7a2b.jpg][Image: afb72abe52fe5beb32ee0e7320b579c4.jpg]
Here is a sort Video Enjoy.https://vimeo.com/143874390
I will post some more pics and Video up tonight with my lights working lighting up my desk.
I've got a new shell coming through the post just waiting for it to come can't wait it's sick I am going to be putting flashing led lights on its a Mazda RX8 in lime Green it's got no Stickers on it but I will be putting Japanese Stickers on it. I will keep you updated its going to look sick when it's done.
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