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A few years ago I had an HPI Sprint 2 Drift. I modified the chassis by cutting holes so tiny pebbles wouldn't get caught in the belt. Then a locked rear, front one way, brushless motor & esc, T-Drifts, custom body and other stuff.

I found lots of good people who also enjoyed drifting but for some reason, I quit and sold my car.

I recently began working at a place that has a shop in the back with a large, very smooth floor and two areas upstairs we use for storage. These areas have hand rails and balconies and I thought to myself "This is a perfect place for drifting!"

So, I'm looking forward to getting back into it and this time around I might try a TT-01R with just a locked rear, metal propeller/shaft and T-drifts to begin with (or does the TT-01R come w/a metal propeller/shaft?)

It will probably be another month before I get the car but I'm looking forward to it and wanted to stop by and say "Hello"


welcome.. i also did that.. i lived in japan.. got into rc drifting and just one day quit and sold all my yokomo stuff.. but now i am back into and have more than 8 chassis.. lol.. i am not sure about the TT01-R but someone will chime in and tell you.. this place is very knowledgable on different chassis'..
yep yep they come with an tb-evo iv aluminum shaft same one i run in my TT01e.
Hurry up and get one and lets go drifting!!! Haha welcome!!
My budget is $480 for this machine - here's what I'm going with so far:

[ul][li]Tamiya TT-01R chassis[/li][li]HPI T-Drifts[/li][li]HPI wheels[/li][li]Paint (3 cans)[/li][li]Body[/li][li]ESC & Brushless Motor (need suggestions please - budgeting $130 for the set)[/li][li]Batteries (two 2S, 4000 mAh, 40C)[/li][li]Servo (need suggestions please - budgeting $30)[/li][/ul]

I think that's it.   During the build I'll lock the rear diff and put the brushed motor in a bag and store it somewhere in my garage (I'll probably end up finding it about ten years later - ha).

Enjoy drifting - I'll be there soon!
Thanks pickled - I was close with my estimates.

Happy drifting,

No probs.
here is another way to lock the diff  Yeah Racing Aluminum Solid Axle (BU) for Tamiya TT01 Series #TT-069BU  or if you want to CS it  TT-01 COUNTER DRIFT UNIT ver1.5
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