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Full Version: Hello people...
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Hey all!

 I'm returning to the RC drift scene after a good ten year hiatus. Mostly confined to car parks and quiet side streets, but having fun nonetheless. Currently reviving my old TT01 drifter for the youngster, whilst I have bought myslef a TRF415 off Ebay (just because I've always wanted one). Here it is after a week or two of tinkering, fettling and parts ordering, including new electronics - Hobbywing 17.5T JSTOCK Combo, 5800Mah LiPo - 5800?! Last battery I bought was a 2600Mah NiMh and that was considered high capacity!

[Image: 22938265866_6ad27026c7_k.jpg]

I have a nice new ABC Hobby Mazda RX3 Savanna GT shell and some Scale Dynamics mesh wheels and polycarbonate tyres to adorn it with yet. Still trying to decide on a colourscheme but I'm thinking some 'Bozo' type styling might work. Shame I can't get hold of the ABC flared wheel arches anymore, as they'd have really set it off. I shall try and get a build thread started to post updates etc. In the meantime...

Stay sideways people!
Hello Tlaloc. nice looking chassis you got there. bozo look sounds interesting. looking forward to what you come up with.