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Full Version: Tamiya M-05 rwd drift conversion
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I picked up this M-05 on trade to race but my basement carpet drift track is calling for this thing to come participate .

I have found a couple other threads on other forums on peoples builds but it seem there mainly pic of the end result . 
From those pics i've come up with a plan on converting the steering to the rear of the chassis as it sit in it's FWD configuration.




looks to need :

Tamiya M-chassis HT servo arm #54120
some tamiya or lundsford ti steering turnbucles .. unsure on a part # as of today 10-23-15 (will update) thinking 30-35mm length.
removal of the steering stop on the c-hubs. 
Rotation of the steering servo 180° in its mount.
From there ill need to do a little more digging.. but theres a start.

If you have any thoughts on the matter please chime in.
[Image: ffb40f4723f93decd9e917853f735a7e.jpg]

Tamiya #54120 servo saver

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Thinking these Ti turnbuckles.
Tamiya #53527

[Image: ce23716d263ca2e7ffbabd0502972bb2.jpg]

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FT blue
[Image: 0dbf83b1521538ac8ebb618defb1d994.jpg]

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