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Full Version: Hello from Seattle
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Hello all,

I've been reading this site for about a year now and decided to finally make an account as there's only so much you can learn lurking. I have a MSD FXX-D S IFS that I'm currently learning to RWD drift. My local course is polished concrete so there's quite a learning curve from bashing with my XV-01.

I'm slowly building a FR-D Ver. 3.0 on the side as I figure out my driving style. I've been reading quite a few of the various FR-D build threads and based my parts on what I've learned, but part availability has changed quite a bit with Yokomo releasing new parts and other aftermarket parts becoming scarce. Because of that, I figured I'd have some fun with a multi-colored chassis as opposed to a blacked-out or single-colored one.

HI what's up and welcome. post some pic's of your drifter.
Welcome... And yes do post pics.. Thats the chassis im getting next and enjoy viewing others work.

Here's a picture of the FXX-D S IFS that I'm currently driving (badly) with the ABS Kenmeri shell. I did an ok jobs of painting it, and the black lines are actually lengths of autobody trim tape. I rushed some of the masking near the wheel wells, which is pretty choppy. That being said, I'm happy with it and it's a pretty fun car to drive around as most people at the local course don't get the color references.

Once more parts arrive for the FR-D, I'll add them to my work in progress thread.