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Full Version: sprint 2 build, now with hpi 67 camaro body
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hi guys, im new to rc's. besides cheap walmart ones. i just picked up an hpi sprint 2 from a buddy. traded him my vape stuff since i wasnt using it. it had a 350z body that was beaten up pretty bad so i immidiately started looking at bodies and stumbled across this one on sale so i figured, why not?! so far ive impressed myself. i just got it today and cut, painted, and mounted it. the body is extremely narrow on the chassis so i cut the rear fenders off and plan to swap the sides to make them look like inner fenders. new wheels are on the way since my tires wont stay on the rims and i broke one rim (in the background of first picture) ill try to update this since ive only seen one other person put this body on a drift rc and i looked everywhere for pictures! plans beside inner fenders are lights front and rear, aluminum wheels, aluminum stuff and things, new shocks, other things that i find neat.  hope you enjoy.

[Image: 3AA41B26-A1C5-4961-BCFF-B00E9821AF99_zps7mfw8697.jpg][/url]

[Image: 782087FE-1FE7-4188-95DE-9082791541AB_zpstnxqhxjh.jpg]

[Image: 65A9FB9D-6354-4170-87C8-6A1CCDB13685_zpsibym2vzr.jpg]

[Image: 46ED0915-AC31-47EF-B88C-383F229D9DF9_zpsunwqwuuf.jpg]

[Image: A58CEF47-C430-4006-82C6-A9DC70881E51_zpsxhwse17r.jpg][url=http://s1335.photobucket.com/user/storey618/media/BB7443B0-7153-4868-A307-5F66EDFF8C67_zps9guffrqi.jpg.html]
waiting for the ups man to drop off my wheels so maybe i can take this thing to work for break time. i decided id put the rear fenders on. since each side is a mirror image they just lined right up and i glued them on with hot glue. seems pretty sturdy. then i put a coat of paint on the outside since the inside had glue that would have been seen had i painted that side. im not to worried about them falling off or the paint chipping since they arent on the outside of the body at a point that can get hit

[Image: IMG_1048_zpsyu3hdglo.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1050_zpsdr1rvcok.jpg]
That looks sick mate.
(12-11-2015, 03:16 PM)Robster1992 Wrote: [ -> ]That looks sick mate.

thanks mane!
just order some yeahracing adjustable shocks, decals, and lights. right now im messing around with making a nascar style rear wing and waiting for my brother to bring my package of wheels to work. pics to come
pretty shitty picture but got my new wheels, they were bright green which wasnt gonna fly so i painted them black. also traced all the lines on the body. sorry for the mass posts i just keep messing with this thing
[Image: 67953169-2BF0-48B1-B176-7B5D0819AEEF_zpshfkcizkv.jpg]
found a hobby shop on my adventures yesterday and picked up a bunch of small screws, clips, and bushings. my front knuckles keep coming loose which makes them lock up when i turn and then the axle falls out. sadly i couldnt find the correct bushings for the bottom of the knuckles so i just put a washer, and loctite on the screw. so far seems to hold and its alot tighter. also grabbed some brass and made a nascar style wing. have some tube to make an exhaust as well.

[Image: 9EA8BDCE-2B71-4435-82F4-01522A6A0E03_zpsqpqm5ji4.jpg]
cut out a spot above the spur gear and lowered the back last night. once my new shocks come in i should be able to lower the front so its a little more even. also started working on a front lip to match the wing and this friday i may be ordering a cs kit from afro!

[Image: 4B044207-D2F3-4076-B28E-F6EBD72BECA3_zpslujndse7.jpg]
shocks and stickers came in today. had to build the shocks so i made the rear basically as stiff as can be and the front about 1 or 2 steps down from the softest, thats how it should be set up right? thats what ive read at least.

[Image: E7DCC421-973E-46D9-AC14-1A10A8D75C7A_zpsypjiitq8.jpg]
received the wheels i ordered when i got the car today, last night cut the fenders up to widebody them and kinda hate it but not to worried about since it gives me a reason to get a car body. i learned alot with this body already and think i can do much better next time. also ordered the yeah racing aluminum kit today.

[Image: 3A9AD7A8-CEAC-4B79-9E47-F8F2692FB039_zpscmpymh3o.jpg]
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