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Full Version: Tail lights
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Okay I have gone through all the paint and body threads and I am looking for info on these tails and how they may have accomplished this amazing look?
[Image: 12391458_892256040881563_713289787758360...e=56DFAEC9]
They're most likely yokomo, which makes the widest variety, properly fitting, easy to work with and good looking light buckets. Just search from your shell type.

Buy from any where, but this will get you in the right direction http://www.rcmart.com/yokomo-sdps13la-li...h=438_1358

The texture on the buckets will make it look very real.
[Image: 6079da4dc3e2413f065df952777568f5.jpg]
This pic is from drjonesMN. And what he used for his body. Which I am looking into for a body I want to purchase.

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Almost anything for a fellow drifter.

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one question... Can anyone find buckets for a 350Z?
link to bodystyle: https://hpiracing.world/en/part/17218