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Full Version: Minnesota club or track?
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Scoured the web and various Facebook groups but couldn't seem to find mention of a Minnesota/Twin Cities drift group or track (one track mentioned having a carpet oval but I imagine there must be something better out there).

I figure there has to be a group surviving the Minnesota winters by doing some indoor drifting.

If you're a Minnesotan who knows of a group that's open to welcoming a new guy, hit me up!

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No one??? I can't be the only Minnesotan interested in this!

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Nothing formal but we have a gtg or two per week in Duluth. 
Maybe try MMR on a slow night. Awesome race track last i knew.
Check out this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/781007708577257/ I'm in Minnesota, too.

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Thanks to you both!

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I just recently picked up a drift car. Going to waste some hours with it in my pole barn.
Hey there Fellow Minnesnowtans. I just recently jumped onto the Drift band wagon too and looking to learn new driving style and some place to get together.
The Hobby shop in Little Canada is now has more drift stuff as in D4's and some D3's and and other parts too.