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Full Version: Help finding rims!!
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I'm looking for a set of rims so I can make my Rc car look like my real drift car, they are called work euroline I've seen a picture of them on a to car so I know they exist! I just can't find them, I believe I read they are yokomos, but after much searching no luck, pleasee help!![attachment=3110][attachment=3111]

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Try Overdose...they do a lot of Work wheels. If not, maybe MST makes some euroline looking wheels?
Speedway pal

These look like them.
The slidemaster! Yess!! Now how do I buy :/

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Anyone know where I can order them in the US

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It's difficult to find most niche Asia based brands in the US, particularly at US based online shops. Some local drift shops do a great job stocking even the hardest to find products. Not sure where you live so don't know where to point you but start there. Call around you'll find great, accomodating people to deal with. Plan B is Asian based online (rcmart, banzai hobbies, rc art, rc race and drift to name a few) which is my last resort but usually dependable and fast considering distance and customs.
Race & Drift Japan has them in a couple of different offsets and colors, takes paypal, and ships quickly and cheaply to the US. You could try to find somebody here who's going to make an order over seas and have them toss it in for you.