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Full Version: New from Fresno ca
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so when I was younger I was really into racing my tc3 on a road circut. Over the holidays my little cousin got a car, so I pulled mine out, that's when I saw all this stuff for RC drifting. I went and bought myself some hpi hard tires me that's where I'm at.
If you ever make it to LA theres a place east of the city, Super G. You won't find a better place run by better people. Always a helping hand there from experience drifters. Down near Anaheim there's GGT. Not too far... I also notice a guy from Fresno wrote on the Super G FB page that he has a little track he built in your area. Check out the FB page for his name... you may want to connect.
Awesome! Thanks for the info man!
Welcome from a fellow newbie.