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Full Version: (San Diego, CA) Looking for a Yokomo Type C plus or MST MS-01D RTR brushless
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Hello Drift Mission forums,

I'm a newb to drifting (But not RC, i own a 4wd slash and I am selling my Vaterra onroad) and I'm looking for a car that can be used on both the street (I have a smooth asphalt parking lot near my house) and on a local track (I have tires for both btw) and I was wondering if I 

can get any insight to the Yokomo Type C Plus and MST MS-01D RTR Brushless drift cars. I do not care if it is a kit, but I would like to keep the budget under $400 including electronics and hop-ups. I would like to 

have any feedback from past or current owners of the two cars. Also, I am not looking for a car that would be super tuned for a competition, just something I can take out and run at the track or on the street without  

having to worry about tuning it or messing something up. If I got the MST, I would like to know what parts are a must have because I have heard that the servo needs to be replaced. I am open to all opinions, good 

or bad on either car, and If there are other cars that you would recommend. At the time I am posting this, the Type C plus is $179.99 on RcMart.com with $40 shipping from Japan, and I would like to get the one 

way differential for it which costs $50. 1 more thing, what would be some good electronics to buy if I did get a kit?