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Full Version: Can't afford drugs. Got a drifting problem.
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Hello from Minnesota. 
New to drifting and have roughly 15 years of rc experience. 
Got out of competitive rock crawling and jumped into drifting head first and it all started with a Sprint 2 roughly 2 months ago. 
Currently running a modded MS-01D pro and FXX-D and considering turning the ms-01d into rwd because i can't get the hang of counter steer. Feels like training wheels when I'm already used to riding a bike. 

I'll upload pics when i get them resized.
Some of my junk
Welcome man! Loving the MS and FXX chassis. Thinking of picking an FXX up myself. More pics man!
That's all I have the patience to resize.
I love that purple buggy. That has a dedicated build thread for it on rcc?

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My favorite crawler so far but new rules disqualify it from the 1.9 class so i retired this year. 

Nice looking RC's man. i got some crawlers to and there pretty fun. cool to see another crawler in to drifting.
that rwd sakura looks really good.
Thanks. Pretty cool to find out how many local crawler guys own drifters.

Also.. There's no sakura. Gonna stick with MST until Eagle becomes more reliably available
I like drifting because even though the cars are fast, they are used in a slow way. i'm a go slow kinda guy so it fits right in.
i was looking at a MST the other day. i'm thinking about giving RWD a try.
Wouldn't know much about going slow. Was running a tekin rx8 on 4s with a 4000kv HD motor on my 1.9 rig. Felt like a rock bouncer should perform like the real ones.  =)

Looking forward to rwd. Raced a high powered sportmaxx with a spool back in the day. Wasn't the fastest guy at the track but arguably had the most fun.
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