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Full Version: New to RC and New to RC Drift!
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Socal beginner RC drifter. New to just about everything haha! Built up my very own Sakura D3 about 2 months ago. The chassis itself wasn't very hard and was actually really fun! Soo satisfying building up your 1st RC! But I still have a lot of questions so after lurking, finally decided to join the forums. Good meeting you guys :)!
Welcome to Drift Mission. I am new to RC drift as well. There is so much info here that I am still sorting through it, also I have found that there is a bunch of good people here that are glad to help out us fellow newbies.
Hey everyone,  Im new to the RC world and snagged a short track truck just to bash about.  Im drawn into the drift world and really want to possibly build my own car.  There is so much info its practically overwhelming!