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Full Version: Drift engine bays
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Hi, I am producing drift engine bays, with polycarbonate engine bay trays and 3D printed engines

[Image: IMG_9860_zps6hhalx9e.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9840_zpsek6cj30c.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9852_zpsegosp7cw.jpg]
Are u selling them?

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Hey is there any way you can do a 4G63

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(02-04-2016, 10:56 PM)TraneDrift Wrote: [ -> ]SR20DET?


Yup they are available on eBay from him :) we will be reviewing one in the coming weeks. Will have details posted on dm soon!

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Any chance of a 1.3 L R2 from a 95 FD3S?
Looks great, a lot easier than cutting and gluing styrene. Just curious as to which 3D printer you are using.
Sr20 will be mine, would love a good old fashioned American V8.

Yes I will be making more engine types, can't wait to start designing them! been working on this idea for sometime now, the hardest part was finding someone to vacuum form the trays properly and professionally. Currerntly printing on an Ultimaker 2, but looking to change to DLP Resin

been painting one of the 4A-GE's today...

[Image: IMG_9888_zpsrkk6jlxx.jpg]
Really like tha amount of detail that 3D printer can do, nice painting.
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