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Full Version: New track @ hpi-arena in Finland
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Hi guys! That is currently my work in progress. Trying to make a track that would be easy to drive but Hard to master :-)
Its just a rough outline for now, i'm really out of my confort zone here. So if anyone has some tips or suggestions that would be great :-)

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Looks like a nice area, I'd take out the centre section as shown below
[Image: b13def2e60d3fab37b91b142ba1e3c2d.jpg]
That'll open up another little route
Thanks, i will try that today :-)

Been trying to figure out how to make cool durable clipping points, x marks on the floor are too vague, need something that you can hit

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Here's what we have so far :-)
Looking good, here's a little video that may give you a few pointers