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Full Version: Yokomo DP Diff gears
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Had a quick question, what metal gears is everyone using for their DP? I have the plastic and don't think it is going to hold up in rwd. Looking at Spice etc but not to sure.
I'm using the following spool & gear combination in my FR-D, which uses the DP differential:

RC926 Spool & Yokomo FCD Gear (D-146) 15T Pinion / 40T Spur

However, Kazama and Yokomo also make solid axles. I prefer those with steel cups or are solid steel. I'm adjusting the FDR through my FR-D's gearbox.

Thanks for the assist. Going to look into those now.

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I would suggest exploring an upgrade to a gear diff (D-150RS) or ball diff (http://banzaihobby.com/D-Like-DL350), it'll really help a lot with traction in a RWD set up.