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Full Version: Been Lurking, Time to Post!
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Hi all from New York. Bit of backstory on myself. I was big into the RadioShack Xmods when they were a current thing. Always had a passion for drifting, even on RC scale, but didn't have money for a proper rig. I got my woman to get me an HPI Sprint 2 back in October for my birthday.

Since then, I've done a ton of lurking here and on other sites, checking out people's builds and pulling a couple ideas here and there. For the time being, this is how project Run2Drift is set up:

Novak Drift Spec brushless system
Savox 1258 high speed, high torque metal gear servo
Factory receiver/radio
1.5 CS (18 rear and 12 front), rigged up a kind of ghetto tensioner for the front. Waiting on parts to clean it up.
27t pinion, 84t Spur
Front One Way, Locked Rear (I used high grade epoxy from the body shop I work in to lock it)
RS4 steering mixed with aluminum Sprint 2 steering arms
Front and rear wheel hubs off an R31 (aluminum)
Cut the tops and sides off the stock C hubs (6* castor) and used a spare set of servo mounts to make upper arms
Sakura Ultra Wide Angle CVDs up front and stock Sakura CVDs in the rear (from a D3)
Yeah Racing Adjustable Aluminum shocks
Front monoshock setup (although I may switch it to how I had it before with the top of the shocks mounted on a hinge and linked to each other)

I think that's about it at the moment. The car handles wonderfully. I've got a buddy who is also on here (don't remember his username, text me if you see this Mike) with an MST FXX and Sakura D3 that I run with regularly. We don't have a local course, so we've mostly been using our driveways and basements. Got a nice track in progress at my house. I'll get some pics up in the next day or two.

I've also got the carcass to another Sprint 2 that I'll work on building up into a second car. It'll be setup the same except RWD.
Pics of my bodies:

Stock Sprint 2 350z, added some trim around the edges for ground effects, some ghetto exhaust, cut out front grille, peeled some stickers:
[Image: CC016081-FD5E-4B0E-816F-EE87CFE2078A_zpsnq6jlt4o.jpg]

HPI R34:
[Image: 7DCA0C4C-7F74-4921-B289-72D57E2A4F14_zpslbzrsatz.jpg]

Pandora Laurel C33 (with special guest Iggy the Turtle):
[Image: AA1A1FA8-B448-4139-8E83-39841EDB6118_zpsyfhry6rm.jpg]
[Image: 64DC1EE7-1007-4664-B9CF-4B5A46F82AE9_zpsl4pog9cn.jpg]
[Image: C86BC9A0-712E-425A-AEB3-18C05D53CA5D_zpsmdhk9hfq.jpg]
[Image: 010e3781bc6bbb6f794d37ab3aec48d0.jpg][Image: 6944996d21fc6dcec4d62e554cae91fe.jpg][Image: 470815f04c8ec8b28018973e2fc3079c.jpg][Image: f5d32b964174a04552d46d23e769ca3a.jpg][Image: eebbf5fb43f949bcad3b0de3849305f8.jpg][Image: 7f07b3586e5320f2a668a551a54dab40.jpg]

Team Daywalkerz bruh!!!
Finished up my Monoshock setup this evening. Need to readjust my ride height, spring, and camber, but it runs well. Threw the Laurel body on for a pic or two.

[Image: 352829E2-890F-4648-A6E7-0155584AD225_zpsx2y3jsgw.jpg]
[Image: A89DBB97-FC0E-4761-8B34-F78F67D26846_zpsguveawwu.jpg]