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Full Version: Hello from Sweden
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I'm a born-in-the-1980's guy from Sweden with a passion for RC!
This forum seemed prominent when looking for RC-drift information, so I will resort to your knowledge when in need. Which will be quite a lot. (:

I got my first RC car five years ago, and it was a Traxxas Slash 4x4. I love it! I got absolutely hooked immediately and have had lots of fun with it! It being a short course truck, it takes quite a beating, though, so there's no point in investing time and money into looks and realism.

That's what I'm hoping to get more of from RC-drifting!
Thinking that a drift car won't take the same abuse, I hope to spend time making the body look great, and to tweak the setup in detail (and expect to notice differences). I like building and hunting for better parts!

I don't know yet what kind of drifter I want, but I'm sure whatever I decide it will be an exciting journey!
Welcome! If I may share a bit of experience, unless you have a smooth and clean closed course to run on, your bodies are gonna get at least a little beat. Don't let that deter you, though! I've recently come to terms with the fact that even a perfect body won't be perfect for long, unless you have one dedicated to just being a show piece. I found that worrying about keeping my bodies pristine, kept me from really enjoying them. F you're into drifting, part of the point is going all out and being a little balsy. Scrapes and scratches come with the territory.

Do you have any chassis in mind that you're looking into?
Any and all advice are welcome! (:

Some battle damage is to be expected. (: There are so many (real) cars I like, so I'll probably end up with more bodies than chassis. (: That's good, because then I can make at least one of them a display-body for when not running. 

As for which chassi, that's a tough one! I've been researching for a couple of weeks now, with no definite answer.

I saw Yokomo demonstrating their chassis at D1 GP in Tokyo 2014 and was impressed with the versatility. At the moment, I'm interested in a DP Type-C, for later upgrade to RWD. I'm probably not gonna go with the DIB because I want RWD (eventually).

But then there is MST RRX-D which looks juicy, but is probably a bit too much for a newbie right now.

The Tamiya TA-05 VDF II also looks great and is available here to a great price.
The Tamiya TT-02D GTR R34 Z-tune is also available here and is quite affordable, so I might go for that one this season just to get my feet wet. But I'm not sure if it will be more expensive to RWD-convert a TT-02D as opposed to do the same to a Yokomo DP.

Too many (good) choices...! (:
Yeah it's tough to pick something, with so many options available. I have a buddy with a DIB that he runs RWD. He pulled the front belt and it seems like it runs pretty well, but we haven't had a session since he did it.