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Full Version: Starting up a StackExchange community
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I'm trying to start up a StackExchange community for RC topics and would like some help!

StackExchange is a community-driven knowledgebase.
Anyone can post a question, anyone can answer a question and the community can upvote the best answers, thus creating a conensus-driven fact base.

As I see it, a StackExchange community is not in competition with regular forums.
SE is strictly fact-based, where you can post questions such as "How do I...", "What is...", "Why..." etc.
In forums, you can also ask questions that merit answers based on opinions, experience and "softer" values, and start discussions.
I believe a SE-community would be a great complement to any and all RC-forums!

To get the community started, I (or rather, all of us) would need supporters.
If you're interested in helping building such a community, go to the proposal here:


Click to "follow" the proposal, and post a few example questions to help make this go live!

I honestly think that this might be a useful tool to be used in combination with this forum as often very similar questions are asked repeatedly. By having those answers easily accessible, it might increase the user base as it will make it easier for more people to get into the hobby.

Very well put!
That's exactly what I was thinking, and my reason for trying to bring it to life.