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Full Version: Burnout Demon RC Drift Smoke Generator Giveaway!!
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Hi All!

We are pleased to announce a contest to giveaway one Burnout Demon RC Drift Smoke Generator!!

There are a number of ways to enter this contest / bonus entries!!  Contest will run until June 9th 2016, a winner will be selected on June 10th 2016.  Good luck to everyone who enters!!
  • Identify the Yamaha in the video below and e-mail your answer to comp@rcsmokers.com

  • Leave a comment below for a bonus chance to win!
  • Leave a comment on the Youtube video below for a bonus chance to win!
Hi! I saw the video and I'm really stoked about its performance.Hands down the best smoke machine ever built in RC scene. ^_^.Submitted the answer already :). Would love to win it!

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Definitely one of the better I've seen.
I want one of these bad!
This smoke machine is legit. But does the smoke affect the performance of our motor or esc? Will the smoke damage carpet tracks?

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It effects only the battery drain. It means you will drive 10 minutes shorter then usually. And no it do not damage carpet

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I want one so freaking bad

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I think one of these would go great with my Ess one
wouldnt mind one. just sent my answer
Omg that's awesome [GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]. It will be epic on my camaro

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