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Full Version: New member !
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hey everyone my name is Zakk, i just recently bought a sakura d4 rwd for a fun little project.  i used to have a traxxas stampede a couple years ago but just kept breaking parts over and over, these rwd drifters dont seem to go too fast and dont seem to break parts much, witch i like alot.

So far all ive installed boom racing knuckls and im waiting on the boom racing mono shock/ upper and lower control arms and the adjustable steering system.

motor and esc is the hobbywing justock 10.5 t with a 23t pinion 
using a sky rc gyro
boddies i have the hpi rx-7 and the hpi s13 and somthing very cool on the way !

any tips that anyone has for a beginner would be much aprishated! i allreddy know i cant spell so i dont need to be told that one lol

Also i drive a 1:1 scale 2002 Subaru WRX with TONs of aftermarket goodies :) car makes 274whp and 245wtq
Welcome to the Drift world! Good choice in a rwd chassis.