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Full Version: Shogunworkshop privet track in the basement
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Hello everyone my name is Michael I'm working on my drift track. And slowly I am getting to the point when it starts to look great[Image: 316b5cb58702fdbc473bd43628520910.jpg][Image: fc353b2f76eefb72f8257c32e7e0941c.jpg][Image: 0a5f4b47c2f8eff09482c2e4d38b91b6.jpg][Image: 9fc7c7ea05973b78af9afd9c9b7ee138.jpg][Image: ae64fd6a820246e315561ad2398db046.jpg][Image: ae64fd6a820246e315561ad2398db046.jpg][Image: 2c0bf5479e3c740a6be737c03ee386c4.jpg][Image: 55116d61090588c4ef36a59f7c004222.jpg]

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Looks cool, how'd you make the barriers?
I have made some burnouts on my track [Image: 6be4fa80427cd5e80e52a9dd84a5889c.jpg]

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Now that is awesome!!
That's awesome. Are the barriers already premade?
(05-22-2016, 10:21 PM)SICKwidIT Wrote: [ -> ]That's awesome. Are the barriers already premade?

Bariers are hand made from gips