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Full Version: New to RC, not to drifting -- Okinawa, JP
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Hey, I'm Josh. 
I'm currently living in Okinawa, JP and have been introduced to RC car building a few months ago. I started with an XPert Built Tamiya TT-01DE Datsun 240z and was enjoying myself right out of the box, changing settings and finding the right tires. Since then, I've put the YeahRacing aluminum bits kit on and really got an idea how this thing works. I've slapped on one new body and am working on a second right now. Also, in the mail I have a TT-02DS which I'm really looking forward to building. 

I've been building 1:1 cars for many, many years and my tuning philosophy is more geared towards balance and efficiency rather than sheer power or gimmicks. There is no mod which can be a replacement for a skilled driver. I'll be practicing to the point that I am in complete control with what I got before upgrading to a more expensive chassis or high output motors. Honestly, for drifting, I watch YouTube videos of drift comps and I don't see where the thousands of dollars spent goes. Same as real life driving, its not all about parts. 

Anyways, if I can figure out how to get pictures up I'll have some attached here. I look forward to learning more about this hobby and can't wait to attend some events someday.

Little toy in front... real size toy in back...

Welcome to the forum. Keep up posted on your new body build.