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Full Version: New from CTX
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Hey, I probably beat everyone here. I'm the freshest noob here. Been a tech customizing motors, transmissions, suspensions, but never worked on anything on this small of a scale. It all started with a few videos of kitties on youtube and somehow I ended up watching some cool rc drift videos. I can tell that at that exact moment, the bug bit me in the ass. I feel like it's still chewing where I normally keep my wallet. So, for the past few days I've doing my research. Brush or brushless, what motor, sensored/nonsensored, etc. It's kind of overwhelming with all the options there are for this scene. Trying to choose the best set up for a $350 budget. Of course I would love it to be something that has plenty of usually in stock aftermarket parts. I'm probably going to start with the Sakura D3 CS. Still learning all of the lingo in the RC world. Before I would ask or start a thread to ask, I'll just google first. But for now I'm just here to say HELLO TO MY NEW HOBBY!! Plus, if anyone has any basic advice, I would love to lend an ear, but remember the wife gave me a limit. According to her, all of my hobbies are why we don't live in a 36 room mansion. That said, anyone from Central Texas?!