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Full Version: CER D08 Premium weight shift
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Been a while since I posted on the forum, but this is my latest of my chassis builds. This was a fun build as I didn't really have an overall direction building this chassis which allowed me to get creative. First layout was rear batter mounted, but that limited me on bodies I could use. As I experimented layouts, this will probably be it's final form for quite some time.
Tail-Slider towers with sub tower and rear diffuser mount painted to match the limited gold decks
Rc-art mono shock mounts and stealth magnet mounts
Overdose spur holder, bumper support, servo horn, andtenna, steering system, ball connections and damper retainers.
Team suzuki rear lower arm and rear upright
Wrap up next Y arms, upper arm, and knuckle
3racing brake disc wheel hex
Kazama adjustable damper top mounts
D-like aluminum pulleys
Oxygen battery holder custom mounted.
That's a very clean build! For all the parts that weren't already plain silver, what did you use to de-anodize them?

Only parts I de-anodized is the rear suspension.  I used drano gel while checking if it has completely stripped after 10 minutes.  Brush off with tooth brush under warm water.