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Full Version: Greetings from Switzerland
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Hi guys. I come from German-Swiss border, rather from South-West Germany.
I like the Asian drift scene, because you really have very nice Drifter (see D1 RC) and especially the bodys are very scale. I watch this forum for some time, but as "offline" and I must say, there are very talented people here. I won ´t mention names !

Short info about me ; I have sold all my Yokis and the waste of HPI (Pro-D), because TA03 is the best chassis ! I show some pictures later. But i'm not only here for meeting other drifter, but to learn new things in RC drifting as well. I believe that if we have fun and learn from one another, RC Drifting community can grow.

Guys, i prefer to speak german, russian or english. But my english is not very good !
Even though there is google translater ...

Regards Daniel !
welcome to the forum looking forward to seeing pics of your chassis
Hi countryman! Wlecome to DM. yes, can we have somme pics of your engine? ^^
greetings from indonesia =)