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Full Version: Northwest checkin in....
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Just got into the whole rc hobby... Picked up all the parts I needed for my first drift set up... I've learned to buy the best you can afford the first time round so here I am waiting for everything to arrive so I can get started on the build... 

Sakura AuperD.

Xerun pro esc

Xerun V10 G2 10.5T

Savox SC-1251MG low profile servo

Futaba GYC430 gyro
30 Gyro
Futaba 3PV 3-channel radio w/receiver

Couple 30c 2s 5200 mAh liPo's and charger

Two sets of wheels off eBay

All that's left is choosing a body and getting some tools to put all this together.... been reading my arse off these last few weeks learning as much as I can about all this... 

I'll mainly be using asphalt parking lots and smoother concrete garages around the area so I realize I'll need a couple different sets of wheels... 

I am wondering how easy it is to use this car for faster on-road driving as there's an outdoor track near me that happens to have an off-road dirt track as well... (Hence me picking up a Tekno 410.3 as well) but that's for a different forum... ;)

Here's to picking up some good info from y'all... And if there's anyone from around the NW lmk... :)

I'm in the Seattle area and drive at Kong RC Drift, located at Lynnwood, WA.

Nice!... I went there and talked with Kong a bit last week... He has a cool lil setup going.. Once I get some practice in I'll probably see you there at some point...
Sounds good, I need to get some more track time in during the next couple of weeks.