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Full Version: August 2016 RC Drift Body of The Month
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Voting now open! Good luck to all!


      1/10 Scale Only! No Off The Shelf Painted Bodies!
      No touring car bodies e.g Protoform, etc...
      No comments, only entries please!
      First 5 entries will be accepted
      Two picture maximum
      Winners of previous month are ineligible
[Image: fullsizerender9_by_kaxlene-dacml3t.jpg]
[Image: fullsizerender10_by_kaxlene-dacml3b.jpg]
[Image: 15a5799adad8ddad332683b0adcf51de.jpg]

[Image: 5a6cabfadf3f6a21a4557d63420de602.jpg]
[Image: 20160723_170627_zpswx7cwo4j.jpg]
[Image: 20160723_171751_zpsm1q5pcnk.jpg]
[Image: 3c1be95f440254701e3cdd4dc4e50bf7.jpg][Image: dbe3bd31533908250ab48e5a23f3af7d.jpg]

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I´d like to enter my A-BO-MOON R32

[Image: a-bo-moon-5pulgp.jpg]

[Image: a-bo-moon-7h4zud.jpg]

Hello I'm new to driftmission and was wondering if anyone knows of a RC drift spot I'm Sacramento CA? I live in Carmichael CA and about to buy my first 1/10 scale rd car, idk what's the best out there but I'm going with the Tamiya tt02d, I'm new but want to get a pro series type drift car, I started with xmods and there going down hill fast, can't do anything with it anymore, no where to get mode so I'm changing to a bigger car, I will be pro stat quickly and I'll collect over time but I want my first car to be the best RC drift car for like a pro, of course it'll be stock but over time will be modified, please help a semi nobe like me find a great car and a great start, hope u guys r still out there having fun and using this site to talk, if not please tell me what site u do use and I'll hop on there instead, thanks and have fun