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Full Version: fat ladies
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here are some of my works for 2013.

cross r33 - rktuning theme
tamiya r33 Kure - matte gun metal
kyosho supra - topsecret gt300

[Image: GEDC0616_zps5770d643.jpg]

[Image: GEDC0619_zps17f379f3.jpg]
[Image: GEDC0620_zpsfebd4354.jpg]
[Image: GEDC0621_zps494c65b4.jpg]
[Image: GEDC0625_zps5cd435ea.jpg]


[Image: GEDC0615_zpsfe12b9af.jpg]
[Image: GEDC0622_zpsac2328cb.jpg]
[Image: GEDC0617_zps2a8ae0d6.jpg]
[Image: GEDC0623_zps19ffb274.jpg]
[Image: GEDC0624_zpsfbb4dceb.jpg]
[Image: GEDC0628_zps99893929.jpg][Image: GEDC0629_zps8e3b6514.jpg][Image: GEDC0634_zps6bbdf8ae.jpg][Image: GEDC0635_zps98434d7a.jpg]

[Image: GEDC0636_zpsd4e81853.jpg]
[Image: GEDC0637_zpsbd2055b2.jpg][Image: GEDC0639_zpsaa2d79cc.jpg][Image: GEDC0640_zpsd525ddca.jpg][Image: GEDC0642_zps7f855867.jpg][Image: GEDC0643_zpsc9789ff2.jpg][Image: GEDC0644_zps7adce3b6.jpg][Image: GEDC0645_zps70cabe3e.jpg]

[Image: GEDC0924_zps68eb43a9.jpg][Image: GEDC0915_zps30027d6a.jpg][Image: GEDC0916_zps5aad99bc.jpg][Image: GEDC0922_zpsc8cf5065.jpg][Image: GEDC0918_zpsd8982f00.jpg][Image: GEDC0925_zpsf0acfdfa.jpg]
[Image: GEDC0928_zps3552f433.jpg]
nice!! love wide bodied cars.. where did you get that supra one??
thanks bud... scored all 3 shells from a local guy except for the nsx. who's got access into some of the  nicest shells. from what i know the cross and kyosho ones are extremely rare. :)
Great little details - I usually prefer pop-up NSX, but your's is so clean.
The matte black skyline is stunning
Very nice work and awsome bodies.

Drift Monster X

Some really sweet looking bodies there!   Love the details that separate them from others!
amazing!!! all these bodies are super rare and usually go for at least 100usd a peice!
(02-23-2013, 03:34 AM)Aralph Wrote: [ -> ]The matte black skyline is stunning

thanks buddy, its actually gun metal.

(02-24-2013, 11:41 AM)robb41488 Wrote: [ -> ]amazing!!! all these bodies are super rare and usually go for at least 100usd a peice!

thats right, top that with the paint job tab and price would really kick off. thes ladies are now parting ways and being pack and sent to each worthy owners.

thanks everyone for the complements
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