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Full Version: Newbie from NC
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I'm Justin and I'm terrible at making intro posts lol, I just bought a Sakura D3 as my first drift car since when the Yokomo drift package was the shizz lol. Can't wait to get back into drifting, might just have to try and make a replica of my daily driver for that mad JDM tyte street cred haha.

Welcome.. You will like the d3.. I like mine..
hi and welcome to the board have fun
Thanks for the welcomes guys, I'm super excited to get back into drifting again. My buddy Mark just bought one also and we've got a few guys to go run with too, most of them are 50/50 guys. So hopefully we'll convert them haha.

Welcome!! I'm trying to get a few friends into it too but when they tried my car out they realized it wasn't as easy as it looks.