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Full Version: S13 Rocket Bunny
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My last body:
S13 ABC Hobby and kit addiction Rcket Bunny

[Image: 632160photo3.jpg]

[Image: 186278photo4.jpg]

[Image: 734047photo1.jpg]

[Image: 357907photo2.jpg]

[Image: 625022photo5.jpg]

[Image: 739005photo6.jpg]

[Image: 884991photo7.jpg]

[Image: 327468photo8.jpg]

[Image: 820408photo9.jpg]

[Image: 170970photo10.jpg]
Awesome! good work Yoba ;)
like your engine work looks really good.
Thats freakin awesome!
is it even driftable at this point!  Omg

i want one  ^^
wow! nice custom made:)
good job bro!
nice detailing.
Love the tubed front.. Reminds me of real drift cars...
greate work
love it
This is off it's head! Awesome work.
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