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Full Version: New to the forums...
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Hi all names Mike my friends call me scoopy....new to the forums here & new to south fl but not new to rc drifting....hoping to learn anything from anyone drifting longer than me which for me is 3 yrs. Hope to meet new people either here on the forums or anyone on the forum living in south fl so we can tear up a local track or a nice paved parkinglot or open warehouse even. Hope to hear from u all soon and shoot me a pm or email me anytime at miwo2707@gmail.com
Welcome to the Forums.
Welcome ;)
Welcome :D
Welcome whatcha running as far as a chassis??
Im running a sakura d3 chassis & hpi sprint 2....i broke the steering arm on my d3 so im using the hpi till my replacement part comes through

Thanks all for the welcome too!