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Full Version: 180SX Hyou Dlike WIP and more...
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Thanks for watching ;)

[Image: 453010212242IMG0743.jpg]

[Image: 622906555809IMG0742.jpg]

[Image: 794834846153IMG0744.jpg]

[Image: 192020936196IMG0745.jpg]

[Image: 446655440301IMG0751.jpg]

[Image: 864030504250IMG0746.jpg]

[Image: 394544617355IMG0747.jpg]

[Image: 563543747117IMG0757.jpg]

[Image: 714714812056IMG0748.jpg]



[Image: 339387748146IMG0754.jpg]

[Image: 578514132713IMG0756.jpg]

[Image: 849466986278IMG0749.jpg]

[Image: 388541402334IMG0752.jpg]

[Image: 902966218526IMG0753.jpg]

[Image: 383668DSC1870.jpg]

[Image: 390145DSC1873.jpg]

[Image: 181044DSC1874.jpg]

[Image: 229037DSC1875.jpg]

[Image: 575451DSC1876.jpg]

[Image: 344817DSC1877.jpg]

[Image: 421660DSC1878.jpg]

[Image: 751935DSC1879.jpg]

[Image: 510124DSC1880.jpg]

[Image: 623937DSC1881.jpg]

[Image: 377460DSC1882.jpg]

[Image: 609650DSC1883.jpg]

[Image: 872581DSC1884.jpg]

[Image: 817010DSC1885.jpg]

[Image: 188164DSC1886.jpg]
Wow.. I wish I had the patience to do that.. But great job!!
[Image: 661136DSC1890.jpg]

[Image: 325592DSC1887.jpg]

[Image: 465595DSC1889.jpg]

[Image: 719976DSC1888.jpg]
That looks amazing
That's nice!!! How you so rear bumper??
Yoba, great to see you on this forum too  ^^  I always tried to find your topics on the French forum but I didn't understand much of it. The 180SX looks great! Still really like the fuel filler flap, its become your signature modification I think;)
Love it man! :D  
All those little details, so cool.  StarStarStarStarStar
That's amazing, great detail work!
Sick car bro.
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