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Full Version: 180SX "Wide"
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here is my 180sx (r2hobbies) with speed way pal fenders

[Image: 180SX_Wheelzoku_ext800-01.jpg]

[Image: 180SX_Wheelzoku_ext800-02.jpg]

[Image: 180SX_Wheelzoku_ext800-03.jpg]

[Image: 180SX_Wheelzoku_ext800-04.jpg]

[Image: 180SX_Wheelzoku_ext800-05.jpg]

[Image: 180SX_Wheelzoku_ext800-06.jpg]

[Image: 180SX_Wheelzoku_ext800-07.jpg]

[Image: 180SX_Wheelzoku_ext800-09.jpg]

[Image: 180SX_Wheelzoku_ext800-10.jpg]

Looks great, I'm loving the flares!
Great looking car.. Love the fading of the colors.. And the fenders set it off.. Brilliantly done..
hi very nice realization.
super deco Devil
clean color transition.
Look great Love the fading of the colors and the flares