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Full Version: post up your real current rides..
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I would like to see what you all have.. here is mine.. she is still a work in progress...

[Image: 644380_10151504379092220_1485258360_n.jpg]
[Image: 540965_10151504380697220_935309166_n.jpg]
Heres my wip sorry the evo's not a show queen... I like to drive it wayy too much

[Image: 20121229_152941.jpg]
[Image: 20121223_152146.jpg]
[Image: 20121223_152136.jpg]
That's what EVO's supposed to look like.. Nice ride...
friday night bump, I'll post something shiny when photobucket isn't blocking me out... =(
[Image: CIMG0118.jpg]

I'm curious how many people here are car people vs rc car people... :D :D
Here's my ride
[Image: DSCI2988.jpg]
[Image: DSCI3020.jpg]
And a shot of the interior
[Image: DSCI3134.jpg]
^^^   ^^ ^^

wish we had gotten those over here. and that I had horded all reds when I had the chance..
Timmy I love ya wagon mate! Looks sweet as
Here one or two of mine
[Image: 865a3cc0.jpg]
[Image: 8117453592_6e5569ff98.jpg]
photo by micky j h, on Flickr
It's a 2000 VW caddy with a front end conversion from a seat ibiza, my daily work horse
I was a car person before rc.. I have owned Silvia's, skylines, mark II, and have worked on many Jdm cars when I lived in Japan for 10 years.. Rc is much cheaper.. Nice VW's.. My fave is the r32 VW's...
you guys have some pretty sick rides, all i got is ma scooterShy
[Image: 405567001.jpg]
thats one heck of a scooter.....
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