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Full Version: Greetins from Stockton, CA
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Hello all,

Name is Jan-Michael from KyokuroProject of oneTEN Drift Network, but located in Stockton, CA. I've been rc drifting since 2007 and now in CS since 2010. Happy to join and looking forward to chatting with all of you.
Sup JM. I was reading some of your posts from the gigwattlizard site. What S15 body is that in your sig pic?
Hey nice to see you around here J-M!
sup man. glad to see you decided to join :)
Thanks guys.   Chiefy, the body in my sig is a yokomo Team Toyo Tires S15 body.
what's up and welcome to the forums. I am also from Cali :). Are u entering the comp at All Speed Hobbies in South SF also?
Hey there.   No, but I went to watch the first one they had earlier.