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Full Version: 1/1 Scale drifter trying out RC
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Hey all, I decided to get into RC drifting with an MST MS-01D Pro around 2012. I set it for drift (~1.5 CS), added the wide angle driveshafts and set it up per the factory specs. With 10+ years experience drifting 1/1 cars, I understand how it works and am pretty good at it, but right from the start I didn't have much luck with the RC version and struggled with excessive terminal oversteer...near-instant spinouts once any slip angle whatsoever was gained.

I gave up after a year of no significant improvement (I got to where I could drift in a circle but I couldn't transition, each circle would eventually end with a spin or a snap-spin in the opposite direction). Later in 2014 I was in Japan after a translation gig and happened to come across an indoor drift track. I chatted with the owner and he let me drive his car, and it was night and day different! Also a 1.5-ish CS setup but it handled much more like a real drift car would, and had good rear traction. I was able to link the course a couple of times and his chassis was confidence inspiring.

I finally decided to try it again and see if I could get my 1/1 scale drifter buddies into it as an off-season hobby, but my chassis still has that crazy oversteer problem. I'm going to give a better effort to try and resolve it this time, cause I'd really like to enjoying driving the chassis, everyone used to say good things about the MS01D but I've had nothing but headache from it :(

Look for my help thread and give me your two cents if you don't mind, I'm all ears.

While I cannot give you much assistance with the MS01D as I drive several 1/10 RWD chassis, I would like to welcome you to the forums!

I would take a look in a couple of the sub-forums dedicated to CS and to the MST Chassis as there are discussions that you might find really helpful there about your MST chassis:

CS Sub-Forum - http://forum.driftmission.com/Forum-countersteer-setups

MST Sub-Forum - http://forum.driftmission.com/Forum-max-...nology-mst

Thanks for the welcome, Vic! I've already made a thread in the help section...but maybe I'll post it over in the MST or CS setups section and beg forgiveness haha. Also, since pics make everything better, here's my 1/1 scale >:D

[Image: 15.jpg]

For the MS01d you could try to see if you can find a mod up the steering angle, was the only way my D3 and my old 01D handled the 10.5t motor i put in it

...god i miss drifting 1/1 but i cant afford it.. RC was a hell of a lot cheaper after my engine blew out xD
yeh good.
i wanna see your drift.

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(09-08-2016, 08:00 PM)Kaxlene Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome~

For the MS01d you could try to see if you can find a mod up the steering angle, was the only way my D3 and my old 01D handled the 10.5t motor i put in it

Kaxlene, you were right on the money, it just took me a while to find out. I purchased an alignment kit and got everything squared up and eliminated the chance of alignment causing inconsistency, then put on some new t-drift tires. That helped a bit, but what made it was removing the factory bumpstops, which let me dial in almost twice the steering angle. I can't believe the bumpstops are where there are considering...maybe the stock CV axles can't handle the angle (I have bigger angle ones)

I haven't taken it out on a bigger lot but it's way more controllable now so I think that did it. It was spinning out so slowly because I was running out of steering lock just a bit before reaching the "sweet spot" of angle where the car naturally wants to be when sliding. I put a detailed analysis in my help post but wanted to reply here as well. :)
(12-04-2016, 11:16 PM)machetered159 Wrote: [ -> ]yeh good.
i wanna see your drift.

Thanks! I flew out to Ebisu a couple weeks ago and drifting a RWD R32 Skyline over there, it was a blast. I haven't posted up much from the trip yet, but here's a clip! :)
yeh good.
I wanna see your drift.

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